Creating Skills for life

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Labour Mobility

APTC works closely with Pacific governments to provide the training required by Pacific workers for labour mobility opportunities. This includes training related directly to the labour market demands overseas, as well as work ready skills that enhance employability such as problem solving, workplace health and safety, financial literacy and English language skills.


APTC Labour Mobility Track

In response to Pacific government priorities for labour mobility, we have a Labour Mobility Track which is an option for students who are offered a place in a course that meets overseas labour market demand. For a nominal fee, the Labour Mobility Track provides students with skills that may be required by overseas employers, including additional training such as financial management, health, wellbeing and international expectations. While it is designed to provide students with skills that may be an advantage for them in seeking employment through available labour mobility schemes, there is no guarantee of employment on successful completion of the Labour Mobility Track.

We remain committed to training to support and grow the pool of skilled workers in country. To achieve this, we work to ensure that labour mobility initiatives enhance economic progress and productivity and lead to a ‘net skills gain’. This means ensuring the availability of skilled workers for domestic needs and that citizens benefit from employment opportunities abroad, and bring back additional skills and experience to drive growth and innovation in their home countries.


The Pacific Labour Scheme

We collaborate with the Pacific Labour Facility to train Pacific workers to meet workforce demands by Australian employers under the Pacific Labour Scheme (PLS) where there are not enough Australian workers to fill this demand.

The Pacific Labour Scheme and the Seasonal Worker Programme are part of the Australian Government’s commitment to support Pacific Labour Mobility to improve opportunities for growth and jobs and to strengthen the economic resilience of the region.


Labour Mobility Schemes in the Pacific

Increased labour mobility options are providing Pacific Islanders with increased skills and remittances from working abroad. Other labour mobility schemes in the region that Pacific Island Countries participate in include the following:

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