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APTC Student Testimonial Kostadino Noue

Kostadino Noue

Jun 20, 2017

Certificate III in Engineering - Mechanical (Machining)

Why did you apply to study at APTC?

I applied to study at APTC as it offered a course relating to my field of work. I saw this as an opportunity to gain more knowledge and advanced training which would allow me to become a qualified engineer.

What do you like about studying at APTC?

I like studying at APTC because it has very professional and friendly trainers who know what they are doing. The students are also very friendly thus it helps create a perfect training environment. We also get to have sporting activities and cultural nights which allows us to wind down a bit.

What are the things you are learning at APTC?

After joining APTC, I have learnt how to operate various fabrication machines and the correct procedures to operate some of the machines, which I used to operate previously at my workplace with safety procedures in mind.

Would you recommend other students to apply for a course at APTC?


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