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Kolinio Tuiraviravi

Kolinio Tuiraviravi

Certificate III in Engineering - Mechanical Trade (Maintenance) Diesel Fitting pathway (MEM30205)

APTC graduate Kolinio Tuiraviravi considers his APTC education fundamental in growing his knowledge about standards and regulations and how important it is to apply them in his work.  

Kolinio who completed Certificate III in Engineering - Mechanical Trade (Maintenance) Diesel Fitting pathway (MEM30205) from the Fiji Campus in 2019 says that international employment is something that he considered and wanted to pursue.

“Back at APTC, my trainers used to consistently emphasize the importance of standards and regulations. You can be a brilliant fitter or mechanic, but working in Australia requires knowledge of standards and regulations,” he said.

Kolinio applied for a job in Australia under the Australian Skilled Visa, where he had to pass a Vocational Education and Training (VET) Assessment.

“As part of my VET assessment, I was interviewed by a Professor from a University in Melbourne. I was nervous  and wondered what the Professor would ask, but what I learnt studying at APTC got me through the interview and helped me pass the VET assessment.”

Kolinio, who now works as a technical officer at a chemical plant in Australia, shares that his understanding of Australian standards and regulations is what got him recruited at Leaf Resources Essential.

“I am glad that APTC includes Australian standards and regulations in their training, especially for those seeking overseas employment like me.”

Recalling his days at APTC, he shares that studying with people from across the Pacific helped him understand other pacific countries' standards and technology in his area of study.

For Kolinio, inspiration is driven by ‘legacy’, adding that his plans include getting significant international industry experience, upgrading his qualifications and returning to Fiji to share his expertise with the Fijian people.

His advice to people interested in studying at APTC is to grab the opportunity while it is still available.

Drawing from his experiences, Kolinio adds that “the only paper that mattered to me when I did my VET assessment and Visa application was the Australian-standard APTC qualification and this for me was a big thing, so I encourage you to pursue that Australian qualification when you get the chance.”

The Certificate III in Engineering - Mechanical Trade (Maintenance) Diesel Fitting pathway (MEM30205) is designed to offer students the opportunity to further their skills and experience repairing and maintaining a range of equipment driven by diesel engines including heavy earthmoving equipment. 

APTC is an Australian Government initiative in partnership with the Pacific and Timor-Leste.

APTC is implemented by TAFE Queensland (RTO 0275)

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