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Serah Tari

Certificate III in Tourism

“I see APTC as an avenue for graduates to network through the various courses that it offers,” are the words of Serah Tari, a proud APTC alumnus from Vanuatu, who graduated with Certificate III in Tourism in 2013.

Prior to attending APTC Serah was involved in the field of Tourism at a very small scale.  She operated a guesthouse for 10 years which was used mainly by the locals and a few backpackers.  While studying at APTC “I realised the potential that our country had far more tourism tour products, there was so much out there in our history, culture and traditions which we should be proud of and showcase to our visitors,” says Serah.

After completing her studies at APTC Serah registered her business.  The major part of her business is to do outbound tourism for local travellers wishing to travel out of Vanuatu.  According to Serah, “we tend to want to go to NZ, Australia etc, but what about our neighbouring Pacific countries? We should and must create tourism destinations for our very own people.”

APTC “was the avenue that gave me an insight into what I am working on now.  This new business is a first of its kind to be developed and owned by a Ni-Vanuatu woman and that I am proud of,” says Serah.

Serah gets her inspiration from her history and identity. “It makes me a diverse and authentic person.  Before I came to APTC I never realised that you had to appreciate these two important factors of life because it makes us what we are and will be and this has to be taught to our future generations,” says Serah.

Her advice to APTC graduates and current students is to grab opportunities available in their own countries and become an entrepreneur, “it is not too late to be your own boss and employ people.  Think and start small but dream big.”

APTC is an Australian Government initiative in partnership with the Pacific and Timor-Leste.

APTC is implemented by TAFE Queensland (RTO 0275)

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