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Thank you for choosing us to further your learning, work and career prospects. We are an Australian Government development project delivering quality Australian qualifications for Pacific Island citizens.

We hope that this section will give you information about our services, your rights and responsibilities as a student, and our eligibility criteria. We are here to help you get the most out of your study. We also want you to have access to personal development, the ability to build professional networks and develop expertise to enable you to be a valuable employee and contributor to your family, community and your country.


Hear from our students about their APTC experience.



APTC Student Testimonial Kostadino Noue

Kostadino Noue

Certificate III in Engineering - Mechanical (Machining)

Why did you apply to study at APTC?

I applied to study at APTC as it offered a course relating to my field of work. I saw this as an opportunity to gain more knowledge and advanced training which would allow me to become a qualified engineer.

What do you like about studying at APTC?

I like studying at APTC because it has very professional and friendly trainers who know what they are doing. The students are also very friendly thus it helps create a perfect training environment. We also get to have sporting activities and cultural nights which allows us to wind down a bit.

What are the things you are learning at APTC?

After joining APTC, I have learnt how to operate various fabrication machines and the correct procedures to operate some of the machines, which I used to operate previously at my workplace with safety procedures in mind.

Would you recommend other students to apply for a course at APTC?


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