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Debora Hattingh

Deborah Hattingh

Jun 21, 2017

Trainer Co-ordinator LLN

Please describe yourself.

I would describe myself as a family-orientated woman, who changed career from nursing to teaching and has never looked back. I love learning, whether knowledge or skills, and passing on that appreciation.  I equate it with teaching your child how to walk and then watching them walk off into their own life. Finally, I like to be a part of pioneering projects, working with teams that want to make a positive difference.

How long have you been working at APTC?

I have been with APTC since 2015.

Please explain your role at APTC.

My role began in Bougainville, PNG to write and deliver training and assessments, and source culturally appropriate materials to engage students and ensure competency in areas of human rights, law, team and conflict, as well as mathematics and english. This was followed by my role in Rakiraki, Fiji, doing the same but at a foundational level for sugarcane workers displaced by TC Winston. Currently, I am in Honiara, as the Coordinator for Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) and I deliver both employability and LLN support across the courses offered in the Solomon Islands.

What do you like about working at APTC?

I like working with an organisation that believes in and practices “value adding”. APTC is committed to the Pacific and its engagements with education departments, industry, community and stakeholders are both respectful and constructive. As a result, they deliver quality education as well as identify and provide timely support back into the communities in which they deliver training. A nation’s most valuable resource - its people - are trained. Staff are mentored at their own pace to take on roles, and empowered to reach further. I am proud to be part of an organisation that seizes opportunities to add to or develop infrastructure and resources; yet another ongoing and tangible outworking of the numerous projects APTC has completed. Finally, I enjoy working in an organisation that has a readiness to respond to evolving needs, not resting on past successes, but celebrating them and reaching forward.

How has working at APTC helped you develop both personally and professionally?

The APTC management do three things particularly well. They remain personable yet professional, they encourage and they stretch. Beyond providing an avenue for feedback, the APTC approach is instrumental, for me, to not rest in my comfort zone but look for areas where I can do better. With that, and because a part of working within training and assessment is being on top of ongoing changes, training opportunities arise and are implemented. Also guidance is at hand as needed. Finally, as colleagues in APTC are from across diverse nationalities and groups in the Pacific, the forum and communities of practice across delivery sites with counterparts have not only made sharing of ideas and resources possible, but provided a richness in my working life. Ultimately, it is from the local friendships I have made that I have benefitted and learnt most about life and community. All part of the APTC experience.

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